Know All About Facial Recognition Door Access & Kaadas Company

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Kaadas began its journey from Germany, Velbert. It has been almost 30 years since the company has grown with the trust of its customers. The company is known for its capacity to become the largest and leading manufacturer of high-quality smart digital locks. Till now, the company Kaadas has served almost 6 million owners of homes all over the world. The country at present has its root in almost 67 countries. The company has its own integrated market supply chain. The company becomes professional and expert in doing research and manufacturing of digital and smart locks. Because of this, the company is capable of delivering high-quality products and services to its customers. The company is quite popular for facial recognition door access.

What is a Facial Recognition Door Access System?
A  facial recognition door access is a form of digital and smart door lock that doesn’t require a key or any physical thing to open the door of your house, offices, storerooms, cabins, etc. The facial recognition door access is a system where the lock is provided with the camera that is capable of reading and identifying the faces of humans and thus the facial recognition door access system unlocks the gate by using the face of the owner in spite of key or any other physical thing.


Kaadas is quite popular for its digitally smart lock systems, one of which is a face recognition door access lock system that uses the owner’s face as the key to unlock the gate in spite of a physical key or card.