Paintball Masks – Maintaining Your Face Safe and Secure

Paintball masks are designed to shield ears and your face. If you are searching for a mask you should search for one that covers your entire face area forehead to chin. If the mask does not fully cover these areas look for a larger mask. Some mask also offer protection for your mind, even though this is not necessary as the top of your head is tough and can withstand a paintball some folks feel better with this choice.

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Since this is your Protection you want something which fits. Start looking for a mask that fits firmly without pinching. You need to be able to tighten the straps to create your mask cozy without permanently or maxing out the adjusters extending out the straps. Ensure your mask fits around your ears and the mouth guard does not reach your chest when you look down or your shoulders when you look to the sides.


While most people do not pay attention to the foam padding in a mask it can be a difference between a mask and a mask. You need make sure you like the foam feels on your face. You are currently going to be wearing this comfort is a part of safety. You want to discover a mask which will mold to your face and has but will come back to its original form. You need to inspect the form in secured/glued into the mask. Check for a glue job with seams or no corners unattached.


When looking through the mask; make sure the lens area offers side vision. On human unless you are planning of looking from the corner of your eye rather than turning your mind, have a field vision of 180 degrees, a mask with 120 degree field of vision ought to be sufficient. You need to look for a mask with a lens. Lenses are two different lenses. You will also discover some lenses are tinted while these do not increase the security of the mask, they can provide a function very similar to sunglasses or an element that is cool.


Paintball masks can Price from 20. To choose which mask is ideal for you decide what features you really need and then determine what masks fit your budget. The best mask is not necessarily the most expensive; it the mask that works and fits best for you.

Additional Things

Most masks come with Visors outside. Additionally some Masks Designed to have a buff added on if needed. The plastic of the mask come in Levels of rigidity. Some gamers prefer stop a ball break. The plastic comes ranging from reds and blues to greens and blacks so you should able to locate a color you like a study from BestSurvival. There is also your mask.